Why i want to go to italy essay

Click here to see more photos of the Parmigiano-Reggiano factory The Barcelona beach is the ideal place to have a good rest. I suppose, I will feel like in a fairy tale when I decide to spend a week in the city on the water. Venice is the stuff bucket lists are made of: There are many mountains, different in their own right the majestic Alps with skiing resorts, the Dolomite peaks interspersed with picture-perfect valleys.

The entire city is practically a big monument and a complex of historic buildings that impress your mind. Stretching from Siena in the north to Montepulciano in the east, and including Pienza, Montalcino, and Monticchiellothis area makes for a great road tour.

Photo by Lucio Sassi Click here to see more photos of islands in Italy 4. No Italian meal would be complete without a good house wine. There are Roman ruins The Vatican and San Marino. Source So there you have it, ten really good reasons to go. People Sometimes Italians get a bad rap for their impatience with tourists and their notoriety as the pickpocket capital of the world.

I would try to visit this spectacular city during the carnival that gathers thousands of people in the streets wearing masks and weird costumes.

And for dessert, why not try a tiramisu or my all-time favorite dessert, the panna cotta with fig sauce. The mountains and foothills of northern Italy are riddled with gorgeous lakes, each with its own quaint villages and gorgeous steeples.

21 Reasons to Finally Take That Trip to Italy (PHOTOS)

Next would be Spain. The 21 regions actually form practically three different countries: In everyday life, you will frequently meet very educated and erudite people. Sure France and Spain have plenty of picturesque villages, but the colorful cliff-side towns of Cinque Terre and stunning mountaintop hamlets like Castelmezzano in Basilicata, shown above, mean Italy takes the cake for pure scenic glory.

Micro-States Micro-states are a quirk of European history and Italy is lucky enough to have two: Its surreal and often creepy sculptures of mythical beasts have captivated tourists as well as artists like Salvador Dali. I have dreamt about visiting the Sagrada Familia for years. I think this historic church will definitely impress me with its size and beauty.

Click here to see more photos of the Parmigiano-Reggiano factory The 21 regions actually form practically three different countries: The gentleman to the left invited us into his home to show us his pictures on the wall.

You find 21 regions, with different history, different regional idioms called "dialects" they are actually authentic languages dying outdifferent urban layouts and different landscapes.

Think again, there are many more reasons making Italy so universally desirable. Photo by Manuela Vitulli Click here to see more photos of villages in Italy 3.

You also find any possible environment:. Also Italy is a country with a rich history and with amazing art. If you want to enjoy in all of these you definitely must go there. Here you can see 11 of the most beautiful places you should visit.

Dreaming of Travel Essay — My Dream Vacation. Why do I want to travel to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal or Greece? The answer is simple; their climate is perfect and their ancient buildings and monuments teach about the birth of Western Civilization.

I would love to go to the airport today and buy a ticket to start my journey in. Category: Descriptive Essay Examples, Rome, Italy; Title: A Visit to Italy. My Account. A Visit to Italy. A Visit to Italy. Length: Need Writing Help? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Reasons Why To Visit Rome Essay.

The Country I Would Like To Visit – Italy (Essay Sample) August 24, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Secondly, I would want to visit Italy because of the food or the delicious Italian cuisine and the impeccable quality of red wine the country offers.

10 Really Good Reasons to Visit Italy

Some of the most common reasons why people from all parts of the world travel to Italy are to experience its rich culture, cuisine, art, history and fashion. My dad had suggested that we all go to Italy for the reason of learning more about our family history.

By this point everyone was on board with the idea, and for about the next four months, my family and I were preparing for a trip of a life time.

Why i want to go to italy essay
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