Solid brass cup hooks uk

Scottish Sporran A Scottish sporran in white horsehair with two black horsehair tassels. The stock still bears a cartouche. We can only sell this to buyers with exemption under the Violent Crime Reduction Act which basically means membership of a re-enactment group or historical display society with Public Liability Insurance.

Possibly had some restoration. Chain Mail Shirt Riveted Link. Mechanisms in good order. Baker Pattern lock It is numbered APXEx The stock is walnut with some age related blemishes, 'dings and dangs' but no serious issues.

Complete with leather covered scabbard Pierced honeysuckle design incorporating George V cipher. The intended use of these tools was not to dig elaborate trenches, but rather to hastily construct a shallow ditch and embankment which would provide just enough cover to shelter a prone soldier.

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I think these also fit the WW1 tripod but not the standard infantry mount. There are some scratches and scuffs to the leather where it has been used but no splits or tears. The wooden grips are good with age patina and smoothed marks commensurate with age and use.

The press stud is made by "N. This 16 bore EIC short cavalry flintlock pistol has the Lion and Crown mark on the lock and sundry other impressed arsenal and proof stampings. No etching or pattern visible.

Our reason to think that this item is related to the rules of kosher butchering is simply that we have seen a very similar antique item in an auction complete with documentation. Nice hexagonal to round barrel. The faint pamor pattern has been found in the kris from Majapahit period, which was acquired from iron ores with small nickel content.

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A pair of original Angora Western Chaps. The rivets are only pushed together so that they can be put to the size of the wearer and then flattened home.

Metal saya with single ring attachment. I have no idea what the case holds. Blade measures 26 inches. All guns are checked to ensure the bearing are present before sale. Who knows, but it isfor us years later, a handsome piece of history.

This epee style bayonet underwent a number of changes during its working life. Photographs of Indian officers of Hodson's Horse an irregular cavalry unit raised by the British show that the firangi was still in active use at the time of the Indian Mutiny in There is a saftey catch, which works, but the finial is missing.

Does not fire projectile or blank, Working action. One of the UK’s leading distributors of fixings and fastenings with over 30 years of experience, we supply in excess of different product lines to builder’s merchants, plumbing merchants, DIY.

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Solid brass cup hooks uk
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