Are celebrities a good role model

She is also an advocate for equal pay for women and people of color — even going as far to challenge Hollywood pay rates. You can complain about these things. Ellen is not only one of the first major female comedians — but she is also one of the first lesbian comedians to come out and make it big in the United States.

The Top 10 Best and Worst Celebrity Role Models

Lady Gaga Singer, songwriter, and talented performer Lady Gaga has transformed over the last few years from simply a provocateur to an advocate for mental health, campus rape awareness, gay rights, and even the value of making art. Even as a busy actress, she graduated from her high school and is now studying at New York University.

She is a mother, a wife, a mentor and the first lady of the United States of America, which is why she made this list. Her physical abuse became public and she proceeded to continue a relationship with that abuser, showing young girls that it is OK.

Negative Influences While a celebrity can have a good influence on your child, negative impacts are pretty likely, too. Sandberg has continued working at Facebook in order to resume normalcy for her children.

You can get stuck in the emotion of it—and sometimes I do, and I get really angry. And the bold choices she does make — like cutting her hair pixie-short — are admirable rather than cringe-worthy. She donates a lot of time and money to countless organizations and has even started her own charities.

She is everything that I do not want my daughter to be. Click here for additional information. Katy Perry She encourages girls to love themselves. It was a devastating loss not only for Sandberg and her two kids, but also for the rest of the world.

Beyonce She sexualizes herself too much. She seems to have a stable and healthy relationship, but her focus on sexuality is too much for me and my children.

We appreciate her candor and passion for human rights, women of color, and female inequality. In she became engaged to George Clooney, catapulting her into the public eye and establishing herself as a style icon.

These are the ones who are willing to take a stand on important issues, give time or money to a worthy cause, or otherwise represent positivity not always an easy feat in a celeb-obsessed culture that often skews negative.

Finding Good Role Models As a parent, you can influence your child by helping him determine what makes a good celebrity role model. Hard work reaps benefits. They are real women who help bring up and empower women from around the world.

Tina Fey The sweetheart of 30 Rock. Ellen Degeneres ; No. Mindy Kaling Known for being one of our favorite characters on The OfficeMindy Kaling makes our list for her talent, sass, and comedic honesty. We support actions like sex tapes and D.

Seems to portray sexual promiscuity a little too much for my liking. Ellen Degeneres Sometimes we like to tell people that if Blush were a human, she would be a combination between Chrissy Teigen and Ellen Degeneres. Kanye West Seems to be very ignorant. Celebrities are expected to act a certain way and encourage younger generations to follow in their footsteps.

She also once flashed her audience while performing on stage. If you think your child has already given in to a negative celebrity influence, talk to his pediatrician, other caregivers and school counselor about the steps you can take to put a stop to it.

Famous or not, girls her age date a lot. I know that the Pope seems a very predictable response but he seems to practice what he preaches — like Mother Theresa before him he frequently goes to live and walk among the poor and downtrodden 9.

At Blush, although we would love to say that most female celebrities out there have the responsibility to be good role models for girls, we as individuals also have the responsibility to find good role models. Kidzworld lists the top 10 celebrity role models.

Justin Bieber. Dakota Fanning.

9 Celebrity Role Models We Love

Ellen Degeneres. Emma Watson. Unlike some, Justin Bieber uses his celebrity superpowers for good, not evil. On. Some of the best celebrity role models out there.

12 Inspiring Celebrity Female Role Models

They lead by example and should be commended. Some of the best celebrity role models out there. They lead by example and should be commended. but his good deeds are something people should emulate.

Brand has been spotted on numerous occasions hanging out with the homeless, giving them gifts. Young girls are extremely impressionable and celebrities are most of these girls' role models. Celebrities are expected to act a certain way and encourage younger. The better role models are famous people who aren't considered Hollywood "celebrities" but they are TECHNICALLY celebrities by definition; like Bill Gates.

I love certain famous people for their work and would wish to know them in real life, however, no one is a better role model to you than yourself.

A role model is someone who is looked up to by others, and regarded as a person to be imitated. A celebrity is a person with a highly visible public profile that many people find fascinating.

Strikingly similar definitions, but whether these two concepts make happy bedfellows is open to debate!

Are celebrities a good role model
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10 Female Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Good Role Models